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Waylay Engine 3.13.3 has been released

  • Waylay Engine: 3.13.3
  • Waylay Dashboard: 2.11.3
  • Sandbox version: 1.15.3
  • Vault: 1.1.1

Waylay Engine 3.13.3

The discovery template will run on any new discovered resource, i.e. the first time data is injected in the engine for this resource. This can be used to associate metadata (e.g. a resource type) to the newly discovered resource. Any actuators that are triggered in the template will be executed.
  • added PATCH support for resourceTypes
  • allowed retrieving templates in their original (simplified) format

Waylay Dashboard 2.11.3

  • metrics metadata can be created directly from the actual data
  • resource type metadata can be updated directly from the resource
  • Vault settings now in UI (admin role required to add new settings)
  • different views between versions of sensor/actuator/transformers
  • discovery template
  • delete alarms in bulk
  • real time view of the consumption
Force clear browser cache when you first log in, in order to see the new dashboard features.

Sandbox 1.15.3

  • Vault capability (with waylay-js package)
  • better error messages

Vault 1.1.1

The Vault allows a user to store secret values, encrypted at rest. Read more here:


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