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We're pleased to announce our latest software release:

  • Engine version: 3.19.0
  • Sandbox version: 1.17.10
  • Dashboard version: 2.19.2

Release highlights:

  • Major update to the time-series analytics module
  • Native integration of IoT platforms
  • Salesforce integration
  • IoT log file analysis
  • Gmail actuator

Force clear browser cache when you first log in.

Watch the recording of the release webinar where we demo the new features:

Time series analytics

TS Analytics (TSA) is a module of the Waylay Platform that provides advanced capabilities such as time series metric visual exploration, anomaly detection and prediction on the data stored in the Waylay Time Series Database.

With the TSA module, you can not only analyse time-series data to create anomaly or prediction models but immediately use these models inside the business rules via a one-click button.


Native integration of IoT platforms

Self-configure the connection to the IoT platform of your choice straight from the Waylay dashboard, without any restart of the engine, and immediately apply your business logic on the incoming data.

We now provide a complete self-service configuration capability for you to connect your Waylay environment to the most popular IoT device clouds: Azure IoT Hub, AwS IoT Core and Google IoT Core.

We also provide an option to ingest data into Waylay straight via MQTT, via Waylay's MQTTT broker or an external one.


Salesforce Integration

Out of the box sensors and actuators that interface via oAuth2 with Salesforce for Salesforce customer support case management are now available.

This allows you to construct business rules in Waylay that interact with the Salesforce ecosystem for e.g. creating cases, updating cases, reading properties of assets, get account information etc.


Download the JSON template

IoT Log File Analysis

Time efficient on-line batch processing of locally collected data from one or multiple data sources.

This feature is especially useful for field technicians that take on-site measurements during visits at their customer sites. It allows for re-use of the same business logic to process log files from off-line assets the same way you would for your connected assets.


Other updates

New out of the box actuator for Google Mail. This allows the business analyst to build and deploy business rules using the Waylay rule designer, that include a notification sent via Google Mail.