It's time for our... Software Update!

Dear Waylay user,

Waylay Engine 3.13.7 has now been released

  • Waylay Engine 3.13.7
  • Dashboard 2.16.4
  • Sandbox 1.16.1

Release highlights

  • new product module: time series analytics
  • two-factor authentication now enabled
  • updates on user & role management 
  • an improved UI

New Product Module: Time Series Analytics

Time Series Analytics is a separately licensed module of the Waylay Platform that provides advanced capabilities, such as anomaly detection and prediction on the data stored in the Waylay time series database

Technical documentation for the new module is available here:
A new set of sensors are now available for this module:
For the full list of available sensors, visit our plugins page.

Interested in testing it out? We offer 1-month free trial licenses to all our existing customers, get in touch with us to activate your license. We are here to support you, contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.
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Strengthened Security & User Management

  • User & Role Management Admin tenants can now create new users and assign them predefined roles. You can also add new roles, as part of a separately licensed feature. Read more about updates to user and role management on our documentation page.
  • Two-factor authentication We now support 2FA, which you can enable as an admin from your user management console.

Updates to the Drag & Drop Designer

  • you can now use the search functionality to select the resource you need, from the available resources for that sensor

  • you can now immediately see the associated metrics for your selected resource, provided that that they have been already defined in the metadata


Export of Templates in Simplified JSON

Templates were previously exported using Bayesian Network formulations. You can now export a template in simplified form, straight from the designer, as described here


Improved debugging of monitoring tasks

When drilling down on a particular running rule (task), you can now see the graph changing in real time, together with a table view of the latest state changes of all sensors.

Force clear browser cache when you first log in, in order to see the new dashboard features.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with our support team!
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